Early Life Nutrition: Growing Up Milk

Growing up milk including key ingredients to support brain development, gut health, and immunity.

Value Proposition

Growing up milk is supplementary milk to support the infant system and pave the way for healthy
development throughout life*. Compliant with stage 3 “growing up” toddlers, comes with an indulging vanilla taste.

*Research studies are available, please ask your local sales contact if you need any further information.

Concept Highlights

  • Fats: DHA and ARA, are two polyunsaturated fats that play a major role in the brain
    and immunity development.
  • Fibers: GOS and 2’FL HMO to support gut health by promoting the growth of
    beneficial bacteria and improving bowel function.
  • Milk fat globular membrane (MFGM) to improve brain development.
  • Delicious vanilla taste.

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