Macaroon type biscuit

Wrap yourself up in this indulgent (and guilt-free) experience! A delicious set of macaroon biscuits with exciting flavour combinations and a healthier, sugar-reduced, and fiber-enriched profile.

Value Proposition

The experience of eating a macaroon is now translated into the biscuit's world. To make this experience even more delicious, both the fat filling and the biscuits have their profiles improved, being now sugar reduced and fiber enriched. 

The unexpected flavours and colours are the icing on the cake!

Concept Highlights

  • Nutriscore improved (for biscuit from C to D, biscuit + filling from E to D).
  • Sugar reduction 30%) compared to a standard biscuits and / or fat filling.
  • Fiber enrichment > 9 g / 100g finished product.
  • Amazing colours.
  • Indulgent taste profiles.

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