Plant-Based Drinks

Discover OatStanding, OatPerform, BananOat and CherryOat drinks that satisfy consumers' thirst for joining the plant-based movement without compromising on pleasure.

Value Proposition

The OatStanding, OatPerform, BananOat and CherryOat are made with enzymes, gellan gum, natural colours and natural flavours. These sustainable and healthy alternatives have a pleasant mouthfeel and a great sweetness profile. 

The OatPerform has its nutritional profile enhanced with the addition of fiber, protein, vitamins and calcium. 

Concept Highlights

All concepts:

  • Enzymatic treatment of oat flour to achieve desired sweetness profile. 
  • Great tasting and looking concepts.
  • Pleasant mouthfeel with the use of gellan gum.

BananOat & CherryOat:

  • Made with natural flavours & colouring.


  • Fortification with fiber, protein, vitamins and calcium. 
  • Natural flavours.

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