Vegan Crab Balls with Aloo Gobi Sauce

An authentic fish replacement recipe, rich in protein and fibre with a special touch of spiced sauce. 

Value Proposition

After many alternatives to red meat have been created, now is the time for fish alternatives to take their place on the tables of consumers who are looking for more sustainable and healthy diets. 

Our Vegan Crab Balls concept was created to give an authentic fresh fish-like meal for vegans and vegetarians. It has a delicious meaty-juicy bite coming from the pea protein and fibres added. For an exciting twist, an ethnic spiced sauce was made as a perfect combination.

Concept Highlights

  • Focus on texture with juicy bite and meaty mouthfeel based on pea proteins and fibres.
  • Fresh fish flavours and colouring to give an organoleptically convincing product.
  • Ethnic sauce enhanced with fresh flavours for an exciting twist.

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