Zero Alcohol Beers

Discover four great tasting zero alcohol beers to appreciate while keeping your healthy lifestyle or adapting to the occasion.

Value Proposition

The Classic’0, Blanc’0, SafFIEr’0 and Rhubi'0 are great tasting beer options for those looking for non alcoholic alternatives without missing the flavour and freshness pleasure of drinking a beer.

The malt beverages were formulated with a specific malt extract to create a clean and crisp malt base. On top of that, natural flavours and a natural hop bittering extract were added to build its great taste and its main flavour signature.

Are you ready to taste them?

Concept Highlights

  • Flexible production with a specific malt extract.
  • Great tasting malt beverages with the use of natural flavours and extracts.
  • Natural hop bittering extract (made with physical processes conforming to the EU natural requirements).
  • Fiber enriched SafFIEr'0 with slow energy release.

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