IMCD establishes national U.S. footprint as one company with the full integration of HORN on November 1

IMCD, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, made its U.S. debut in 2015 and has since acquired and integrated M.F. Cachat, Mutchler, Bossco Industries and L.V. Lomas. In August 2018, California-based HORN was acquired, and on November 1, 2019, it will complete its integration with IMCD. The full integration of HORN completes the company’s transition into one IMCD US organization. Its dedicated technical and commercial sales teams are market-focused professionals, committed to delivering expertise, chemistries and solutions as one IMCD to their respective industries throughout the U.S.


IMCD US Food & Nutrition 

The IMCD US Food & Nutrition market is in full transition as consumers are looking to find healthier, personalized food. With the complete integration of HORN, IMCD is now able to offer full territorial coverage across the U.S. for its specialty food ingredient distribution model, supported by formulation advice and food lab support, as well as a nationwide network of warehouses. The portfolio of ingredients that we can now offer is unparalleled in terms of matching food producers needs for solutions for consumer trends including plant-based ingredients, sugar reduction, fiber and protein enrichment. Ranging from flavors to hydrocolloids, proteins and enzymes, IMCD is ready to support product innovation to meet these changing consumer needs.

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